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I've got nothing to gain by Mike-the-cat I've got nothing to gain by Mike-the-cat
"You oppose abortion? You must hate women!"
"Pro life equals misanthropy!"
"You just say that because you don't want people to have fun! Sex is more than just procreation!"
"You're only pro life because of your belief in some sky wizard!"

And even more moronic statements with no basis in fact, ad nauseam.

The pro choice crowd sounds just like bratty children who whine: "You won't let me play videogames just because you don't want me to have fun! I don't want do do homework, it's too hard!" Do you care about intellectual honesty, or are you going to accuse us of "hating women" or "not wanting anyone to have fun"? Are you actually honest about our motives?

Do you people honestly realize that I have nothing to gain by opposing abortion? That people like you make it seem like some sort of masochistic thing to do, to debate this subject? Will you please grow up?

The only reason why I oppose abortion is because I believe that there are certain unalienable rights, no matter who you are. I believe that when it comes to freedom, it ends when it begins to infringe on another person's rights. People should take responsibility for their actions, not give reasons to dehumanize and kill innocents to avoid it. Do you people also realize that men have responsibility for this too? That they aren't exempt from the heavy weight this carries?

How am I supposed to believe that WE are the selfish ones? Why am I supposed to believe that the pro infanticide crowd actually gives a damn about women's rights?
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October 20, 2012
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